Labour ministry drafts programme on AIDS

Maputo- Mozambique (PANA) -- The Mozambican government has submitted to the International Labour Organisation (ILO) a project proposal to fight against AIDS in the country's productive sector, according to Labour Minister Mario Sevene.
Sevene said that his labour ministry is negotiating the possibility of the ILO financing the four million US dollar project.
Sevene was addressing a press conference in Maputo on Tuesday to brief the media on Mozambique's participation in the last International Labour Conference that took place in Geneva in June.
On preparations for the implementation of the AIDS project, Sevene said that his ministry has set up a tripartite commission, with representatives of the government, the employers and the trade unions, that will carry out the project, if funds are granted.
He said that specific programmes on HIV/AIDS are needed in the production sector to complement the "broader programme" drafted by the government.
He explained that this specific programme envisages the creation of working groups in factories and other workplaces, to head the battle to halt the spread of HIV infection at the grass roots level.
"Several countries have experience in this area", said Sevene, citing Brazil as one of them.
"If we do not have concrete programmes on this disease, we will face serious staff problems in the next few years," he added.

11 july 2001 20:34:00

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