Konare seeks "non-indifference" principle in Africa

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia (PANA) – African Union Commi-ssion Chairman, Alpha Oumar Konare, on Thursday pleaded for the implementation of the "non-indifference" principle in Africa as he addressed the opening ceremony of the 10th ordinary session of the executive council of the Pan-African organisation.
"We have to assume our principle of non-indifference that is the courteous and united interference," he said, adding, "If we cannot tell the truth, we are heading for disaster".
Denouncing the absence of reactions in the face of the conflicts that hit Africa, Konare wondered whether "we could content ourselves with observing and issuing communiqués", before commenting on the tensions and conflicts that hit the African continent.
"We should resolve security problems to stop mess and waste" in Africa, Konare emphasised.
On the situation in Guinea-Conakry, Konare wishes that the dialogue initiated under the aegis of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) leads to a lasting peace.
On the situation in Sudan, he noted that the lines of an accord between Sudan, the UN and the AU had been defined.
"We should move forward, seeing to it that the situation does not deteriorate in view of the attacks of rebels and bombings of government troops.
" Konare however hailed the decision of the Ethiopian government to begin withdrawing its troops from Somalia as it pledged.
"If we want this process to succeed, we should deploy our forces on the ground," he added.
According to him, about 8,000 troops should be deployed on the ground in Somalia.
Yet, African countries balk at sending troops there.
To date, only Uganda and Nigeria have agreed.
Other countries such as Ghana and Malawi have expressed their willingness to send their troops.
He further appealed to African countries to provide to the AU soldiers and resources in order to enable it to successfully complete this mission, warning "Africa cannot leave this role to partners, without suffering serious consequences".
"If troops are not deployed quickly, the situation might deteriorate very quickly," Konare further warned.
Other issues have been discussed by Konare, particularly Cote d'Ivoire where ECOWAS already made proposals toward solving that crisis.
In his opening speech at the executive council, Congolese Foreign Minister Rodolphe Adada, who is current chairman of the council, notes "the action of the AU presidency focussed more on the search of solutions to the various crises affecting our member states".
He further mentioned "issues of peace and security, particularly with the crises of Cote d'Ivoire, Darfur and its repercussions in Chad and Central African Republic which need the mobilisation of all our energies".

25 january 2007 21:01:00

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