Konare denounces attitudes of some African partners

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia (PANA) – The Chairperson of -the African Union (AU) Commission, Alpha Oumar Konare, has appealed to some international partners to change their attitude towards Africa.
Konare was addressing the official opening ceremony Monday of the Eighth Ordinary Session of the African Union heads of state and government conference being held here 29-30 January 2007.
"Do not humiliate us by keeping on granting us aid and donations", he said to international partners.
"You cannot be more responsible than the Africans," he added, asking them to respect what he called the "African responsibility".
The Bretton Woods institutions- the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) were not spared by the AU Commission boss, who, while recognising what they did for Africa, denounced what he called a near state of dictatorship on African countries by donors through policies that are not always in Africa's interest.
Konare asked African leaders to display "greater sense of responsibility and to fight for the continent".
"Let us fight, as we did to bring slavery and apartheid to an end," he said, adding that "only this will enable us to fight the battle for development".
In the same vein, he pleaded for another Africa that relies on itself and breaks its dependence on aid.
" He said he dreams of a strong Africa that discusses independently with the parts of the world.
He asked African countries to speed up efforts to send troops to Somalia and to provide the African Union with means so that it undertakes the Somalia mission "We should not rely on international partners," he told the gathering of African leaders, hailing the adoption of Algeria's proposal that urged countries to send troops to Somalia.

29 january 2007 22:10:00

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