Konare calls for African solidarity with Haitians

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- The Chairperson of the African Union Commission, Alpha Omar Konare, Thursday urged the conference of intellectuals from Africa and the Diaspora to come up with a solidarity initiative in favour of troubled Haiti.
He told the conference in the Senegalese capital that Haiti, the first Black Republic where African slaves fought and gained independence from French colonialists 200 years ago, was being "tormented before our eyes.
" "A popular initiative has to be organised to be structured everywhere in our countries, through schools and public places to bring our assistance and support," to Haiti, the AU chief proposed.
Apart from its political crisis, Haiti has been hit by Hurricane Jeane-induced flooding that killed more than 1,500 people, with another estimated 1,000 still missing, while 300,000 have been rendered homeless.
Deposed Haitian former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his family are now exiled in South Africa.

07 october 2004 20:15:00

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