Khartoum objects to presence of international brokers

N'djamena- Chad (PANA) -- The Khartoum government delegation to the peace talks here on the conflict in the western Sudanese region of Darfur boycotted the opening ceremony Tuesday in objection to the presence of international mediators, Chadian official sources said Wednesday.
"What happened yesterday (Tuesday) was not a surprise, but more important is the fact that the talks began," Chadian presidential adviser Ahmed Alam-mi said about the incident.
According to Alam-mi, Sudanese officials said commitments made by Chadian brokers were not satisfactory.
The Sudanese government said it could meet rebels only if the talks are brokered by Chad, backed by the African Union.
He noted that Sudanese President El-Bashir himself had been constantly in touch with his Chadian counterpart and was aware of the whole operation.
Khartoum just wants international brokers to keep away from discussions concerning essential issues such as power sharing, autonomy of the Drafter region, wealth sharing, and the refugee issue, the Chadian official pointed out.
Concerning prospects at the talks, he said "if the different parties are willing, we may work out a cease-fire on the basis of the Abeche agreements signed in September 2003.

31 march 2004 23:28:00

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