Kenyans in Diaspora might vote in 2007 poll

Nairobi Kenya (PANA) -- Kenyans living abroad will be eligible to vote in general elections as long as they comply with relevant clauses in the constitution, the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) confirmed here Wednesday.
General Elections are scheduled in Kenya for December 2007, five years after the National Rainbow Coalition (NARC) came to power with Mwai Kibaki as president.
NARC led by former vice-president and ex-finance minister, Mwai Kibaki, swept the board during the 2002 polls that saw the coalition remove from power the Kenya African National Union (Kanu) which had ruled the country since independence from Britain in 1963.
ECK chair, Samuel Kivuitu, briefing the press after releasing the report of the recent month-long voter registration exercise, said there was no law barring Kenyans living abroad from voting.
"This is clear from provisions of sections 32 (2) and 43 of the constitution of Kenya.
All they need is to comply with these provisions as regards residency," said Kivuitu.
There are requirements as to how long they must reside in Kenya before they can be registered.
Kenyans living in the Diaspora have been demanding that they be registered as voters and be eligible to vote.
Over 1.
2 million people registered while 1.
3 million voters transferred to new polling stations during the month-long exercise.

20 Setembro 2006 21:51:00

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