Kenyan urged to fight AIDS on all fronts

Nairobi- Kenya (PANA) -- Kenya's Vice President George Saitoti Saturday said the AIDS pandemic was reversing the country' development as the total prevalence HIV rate hit the 13.
5 percent mark.
Speaking in Nairobi during an award ceremony for winners of this year's annual music and cultural festival, Saitoti urged Kenyans to fight against the pandemic on all fronts.
He told education ministry authorities to promote cultural events, including music and drama that could help in fighting the pandemic into schools and college syllabuses.
Already, HIV/AIDS issues are being taught as a subject in all Kenyan schools.
He said government attached great importance to cultural activities like drama and music, adding that it recognises the role that culture plays in development.
Saitoti, however, said it was unfortunate that in many developing countries, the desire for rapid development and affluence from developed nations has often resulted in the erosion of local cultural values.
To reverse the trend, Prof.
Saitoti said it was important that education offered in schools and colleges should promote international consciousness as well as respect for the country's culture.

18 august 2001 14:55:00

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