Kenyan military says Al Shabaab on the run in Somalia

Nairobi, Kenya (PANA) - Kenyan forces in Somalia have nearly achieved their objective of diminishing the capacity of the Islamic militant, Al Shabaab, after dismantling its command structure, a Kenyan military spokesman said Saturday.

Colonel Cyrus Oguna, the Operations Commander of the Kenyan forces in Somalia, said the Al Shabaab were “running scarred” and lacking a command structure after some of its key commanders defected.

“There are only three things left, they can defect, they can surrender, or they can take flight or sail out of Somalia,” Col. Oguna said on Saturday.

He said the Kenyan forces deployed an attack helicopter near Hayo, between the towns of Afmadow and Kismayo, to push off an apparent resistance.

The new resistance was put up to regain some of the group’s logistical aids captured in operations this week.

Col. Oguna said they included four fighters and donkeys, which the group has been using as a means of transport as opposed to vehicles mounted with arms, known as technicals.

Kenyan military says the Al Shabaab has been receiving mostly support from the Somalis in the Diaspora.

The troops will not withdraw until the country was satisfied that the threat of the Al Shabaab was eliminated.

Locally, Police said three grenade attacks previously blamed on the Al Shabaab were the handiworks of local criminal gangs and business rivals taking advantage of the anti-Al Shabaab operations.

“We know who has arms and we will get to them,” Police Spokesman Eric Kiraithe, said.
Police were also on alert for the fleeing members of Al Shabaab.
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