Kenyan man kills eight family members

Nairobi- Kenya (PANA) -- Kenyans woke up to a rude shock Tuesday, with harrowing reports of death and anguish after a middle-aged man butchered eight members of his family but failed to take his own life.
Local newspapers said 43-year-old James Mushikha Mukobero, a mason at Shibuye village in the Kakamega district of Kenya's Western province, first cut down his pregnant wife and mother of eight Susy to death on Sunday night.
He then killed four children and three other members of the family in one of Kenya's ugliest incidents of domestic violence yet.
The man is reported to have then taken rat poison in a bid to take his own life but was arrested and rushed to the Kakamega provincial hospital where he was being revived by doctors.
News accounts said seven other relatives who survived the killing spree were taken to the St.
Elizabeth Mission Hospital, Mukuma with deep 'panga' (machete) wounds.
"Dirges and wailing filled the homestead that looked like a slaughter house with a swarm of flies hovering over the bodies," the independent Daily Nation newspaper reported.
The paper said Mukobero's younger brother, Inishow Mboya, and nephew Moses Bahati who escaped the assault narrated how he lured the members of the family to the doorstep of his house ostensibly to assist him take his wife to the hospital.
It said the unsuspecting victims who were roused from sleep followed him in the darkness up to the doorstep where he cut them down with his sharp panga.
"I cannot explain what happened to my brother.
He was such a kind man.
" the Nation quoted Mboya as saying.
Disturbed commentators suggested there must have been a serious spiritual problem in the family, while others thought the man had simply gone outright mental.
The Nation quoted provincial police spokesman, Dola Indidis as saying the killer, generally regarded as "soft-spoken and a teetotaller" had gone berserk adding, "he would be charged with murder if he survives.

01 mai 2001 10:02:00

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