Kenyan divorces wives for stripping in public

Nairobi- Kenya (PANA) -- A Magistrate's court in Kenya's western Kisumu province had allowed a 60-year old man to divorce three of his five wives who stripped before him in public.
According to local reports monitored by PANA in Nairobi, Kisumu Chief Magistrate Solomon Wamwayi dissolved the marriage between Jackson Onyango Odinga and his three wives following a successful petition filed by him.
Custody of the 25 children of the marriages will, however, await a report from the Children's Department, Wamwayi ruled.
"After going through submissions by both parties, I came to the conclusion that the petition was proper, the East African Standard quoted the magistrate as saying.
According to the paper, Odinga through lawyer Jude Ragot went to court in 1999 seeking to divorce his first, second and fourth wives Jeffrey Nyakoa, Jennifer Ngeso and Eunice Awuor.
He accused the trio of refusing to accompany him to Siaya District where he wanted to establish a new home.
He also accused them of stripping and showing him their private parts in public after he insisted that the family migrate to Alego in Siaya District.
According to him, he slaughtered a ram and invited his relatives to witness his migration from Kisumu to Alego.
He said Jeffrey refused to cook during the occasion and instead flung away the meat before stripping.
Her two co-wives Jennifer and Eunice did the same, packed their belongings and quit the house.
In their defence, however, the women said it was Odinga who threw them out of their matrimonial home, the paper said.

01 may 2001 10:09:00

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