Kenya vaccinates small ruminants in northern district

Nairobi- Kenya (PANA) -- The Department of Veterinary services in Kenya's northern district of Wajir has launched a vaccination campaign to combat sheep and goat pox, a disease that has so far claimed 20 goats in the area.
District veterinary officer (DVO) Lawrence Mwongera told PANA Wednesday the department had already vaccinated a total of 300 sheep and goats.
He said the disease had symptoms that include development of nodules, skin swelling, loss of appetite and fever, adding that it was mainly affecting lambs and goat kids.
Mwongera said the animals were vulnerable to various ailments as a result of recent floods that also claimed more than 3,000 sheep and goats in the area.
He said more than 27,000 livestock have also been vaccinated against Foot and Mouth, Anthrax and New Castle disease after the rains that pounded the area in April.
Wajir, one of Kenya's desert wasteland districts bordering Somalia has been vulnerable to animal disease outbreaks in the recent past.
The district is much remembered for the Rift-Valley fever outbreak of the mid 1990's that killed hundreds of animals.

18 june 2003 11:43:00

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