Kenya to train public servants on AIDS

Nairobi- Kenya (PANA) -- Public service officers in Kenya are to be drilled in dealing with new challenges posed by the HIV/AIDS in the country.
Personnel Management head at the Presidency James Ongwae said Monday that because the pandemic had brought new realities in the workplace, contingency measures had to be taken.
He said the public service now needed to develop guidelines for its members on how to deal with victims of HIV in the workplace.
On control and prevention Ongwae said the only successful approach was through a comprehensive multi-sectoral framework in which every sector played its role according to its comparative advantage.
Ongwae said the authorities would strengthen institutional capacities within ministries and departments to provide social support the afflicted.
Other measures include conducting a situational analysis and baseline survey at ministerial level to assess the current situation of the disease in government ministries and departments.

18 june 2001 17:14:00

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