Kenya to redress plight of AIDS orphans

Nairobi- Kenya (PANA) -- Kenyan authorities said Wednesday that they are organising a stakeholders consultative forum to deliberate on the plight faced by children orphaned by AIDS.
The campaign is part of the country's strategies to implement resolutions arrived at the UN World Summit for Children in 1990, which adopted a convention on the rights of the child.
It is also aimed at drawing a national plan of action and enaction of legislation to implement the provisions of the convention, while at the same time, sensitise the public and the children on the convention's contents.
"The government is organising a stakeholders consultative meeting to deliberate on how to address the problems afflicting one million orphaned children due to HIV/AIDS," Vice President George Saitoti said.
Saitoti spoke after launching a local version of the Global Movement for Children (GMC) campaign ("Say Yes For Children") in Kenya.
The GMC's rallying call of "Say Yes For Children" addresses such issues as "leave no child out; put children first; care for every child; fight HIV/AIDS and stop harming children.
" Other themes are "start listening to children, protect our children from war and protect the earth for our children.
" "Indeed the act of voting is just a symbolic way of enabling us to look at all the issues with more focus," Saitoti said.
He announced that the country's Children's Bill, which is still in parliament, will soon become law in order to address problems afflicting children in general.
He said the problems of children in special need of protection have increased tremendously due to, among other issues, an increase in population.
Other factors, Saitoti said, included increasing levels of poverty and the disruption of traditional social structures, with the situation further aggravated by the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

04 july 2001 14:24:00

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