Kenya's Limo sets Rotterdam Marathon course record

Nairobi- Kenya (PANA) -- Kenya's Felix Limo, 23, clocked 2:06:14 to set a new course record in the Rotterdam Marathon in Holland Sunday.
Limo set the new course record, shattering the old 2:06:50 mark set by Ethiopia's Belayneh Dinsamo in 1998, which stood as a world record for over ten years and was equalled as the course record by Josephat Kiprono in the 2001 race.
Another Kenyan, Michael Rotich, was second in 2:09:07, while Brazil's Romulo de Silva was third in 2:11:28.
The women's race was won by Zhor el Kamch of Morocco in 2:26:10, followed by Mexico's Madai Perez in 2:27:08 as Jelena Burykina of Russia settled for third spot in 2:30:15.
"I think I ran a fantastic race," said Limo.
"I'm sure that if there had not been such a strong wind I could have been close to the world record.
"After 35 km there was a lot of wind and I lost a lot of time there.
I will be back here.
" Rotich also complained about the wind.
"Next time I will beat Felix Limo.
After 25 km I felt (pain) in my right leg and I decided to run my own pace.
" Men's results: 1.
Felix Limo (Ken) 2:06:14 (course record) 2.
Michael Rotich (Ken) 2:09:07 3.
Romulo Wagner da Silva (Bra) 2:11:28 4.
Peter Kiprotich (Ken) 2:11:52 5.
Stephen Cheptot (Ken) 2:11:52 (same time as 4th) 6.
Tom van Hooste (Bel) 2:11:55 7.
Luc Krotwaar (Ned) 2:11:56  (Dutch champion) 8.
Zebedayo Bayo (Tan) 2:12:23 9.
Willy Cheruiyot (Ken) 2:12:28 10.
Philip Singoei (Ken) 2:12:36 Women's results 1.
Zhor el Kamch (Mor) 2:26:10 2.
Madai Perez (Mex) 2:27:08 3, Jelena Burykina (Rus) 2:30:15 4.
Maria Abel (Spa) 2:32:23 5.
Zahia Dahmani (Fra) 2:33:01 6.
Delilah Asiago (Ken) 2:37:24 7.
Maria Jose Puyeo Bergua (Spa) 2:37:34 8.
Nadja Wijenberg (Ned) 2:38:39 (Dutch champion) 9.
Kristijna Loonen (Ned) 2:38:45 10.
Serep Aktas (Tur) 2:41:01

05 avril 2004 09:42:00

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