Kenya roots for stronger economic integration ahead of Union Government

Accra- Ghana (PANA) - – Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki Monday spoke glowingly of the benefits of a Union Government in Africa, but expressed the belief that economic integration and closer collaboration in other areas must come first.
In his presentation at the 'Grand Debate' on the establishment of Union Government in Africa, the sole agenda of the current 9th summit in Accra, Ghana, President Kibaki said Kenyans agreed that Africans needed to unite and that the formation of a Union Government must espouse the African peoples vision and values.
"Opinions were, however, varied on the pace this process should take," he said, noting that the predominant view underscored the need to accelerate integration through the Regional Economic Communities (RECs) as the building blocs of a united Africa.
Kibaki also called for the adoption of a common position on issues relating to international organizations, while noting that a united Africa would offer a larger market with a bigger natural and human resource base.
"We need to unite in order to reap the benefits of a wide market.
In addition to this, the unification of the continent will enable us to utilize our national resources more efficiently and profitably," he added.
On closer collaboration, the Kenyan President said by pooling resources together "we can build and increase our military capacity.
" "For instance, the establishment of an African standby force is an important step forward," he said.
Kibaki also underscored the need for Africans to reinforce their shared history, language, culture and common heritage, and called for the promotion of Kiswahili as a common language to nurture greater unity and cooperation among the people in Africa.
Besides language, he also advocated free movement within the continent.

02 Julho 2007 19:28:00

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