Kenya needs billions of shillings to fight HIV/AIDS

Nairobi- Kenya (PANA) -- Kenya's National AIDS Control Council (NAC) says it needs about 14 billion Kenyan shillings (1 US dollar = 80 Ksh) to implement a five-year national strategic plan for HIV/AIDS control.
NAC deputy director Patrick Orego said the council has managed to source only 7 billion shillings from Government and the donor community.
Speaking at a Nyanza provincial HIV/AIDS stakeholders meeting in Kisumu, Dr Orego said 60 percent of the funds would go to constituencies to facilitate community HIV/AIDS intervention programmes.
The NAAC official said 75 percent of people infected with HIV come from rural areas, adding that 200,000 new infections are reported in the country every year.
Dr Orego said the NACC wants to reduce the prevalence rate among those in the 15-24 age brackets by between 20 to 30 percent by the year 2005.
He said the five-year strategic plan aims at strengthening the capacity of institutions and bodies involved in AIDS control programmes, promote behaviour change and promote safe blood.
Wako said importation of anti-retroviral drugs was not a solution to the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
"The best way to control spread of the disease is to create an open environment for discussion and attitudinal change," he insisted.

10 may 2001 17:03:00

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