Kenya launches "HIV/AIDS Hotline"

Nairobi- Kenya (PANA) -- Kenya has launched a national HIV/AIDS hotline to provide information on the pandemic to anyone requiring urgent assistance and guidance.
The hotline, inaugurated Wednesday by the Kenya AIDS Watch Institute (KAWI) will start operations on 1 September and will be manned 12 hours daily, including Sundays and public holidays.
At the Launch KAWI Director Sobbie Mulindi decried the upsurge in HIV/AIDS that was presently killing an estimated 700 Kenyans daily, and urged for concerted effort to stem its spread.
Dr Mulindi also blamed conditionalities set up by donors for the continued spread of the pandemic in Africa, arguing that the frequent withholding of donor aid was undermining efforts at curbing the disease.
He announced plans by his organisation to hold a national conference during the month of October to review progress and hitches in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
Meanwhile, Kenyan NGOs involved in the fight against the pandemic say they would revise their campaign methods, adapting them to different communities in the country.
They also plan to advocate for the inclusion of HIV/AIDS messages at Cinema and Video shows in the country.
The NGOs, who are meeting Thursday in Mombasa, concede that the campaign against HIV/AIDS was failing because of a wrong approach towards the subject.
They noted, for instance, that religious leaders had not been effectively incorporated in the fight against the scourge, prompting them to sometimes offer stiff opposition on some methods of HIV/AIDS control.

16 august 2001 08:52:00

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