Kenya hosts Great Lakes region AIDS workshop

Nairobi- Kenya (PANA) -- Governments within the Great Lakes region have been urged to harmonise their programmes to target migratory populations in order to forestall the widespread scare of HIV/AIDS infection in the area.
Innocent Ntagamira, the executive secretary of the Rwanda-based Great Lakes Initiative on AIDS (GLIA), was quoted by the People Daily at the weekend as saying that the region's six member countries are at different stages of implementing the 1998 GLIA protocol.
Ntagamira was speaking during a UNAIDS sponsored three-day workshop in Nairobi.
Participants discussed ways of harmonising HIV/AIDS service delivery and information as well as the preparation of education and communication (IEC) material to be used in sensitising the public in the region.
During the workshop, Dr.
Orego, director of Kenya's National AIDS Control Council, pledged the government's support for the initiative.
Emily Obwaka, who represented the John Hopkins Centre for Communications Programmes, also urged governments in the region to harness their potential by working jointly.
"Through meaningful partnerships," she said, "the governments can control the transmission of HIV/AIDS along areas where container and petroleum tankers ply within the region.

07 may 2001 11:52:00

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