Kenya: Rights body condemns arrest of journo over 'used underwear' story

Nairobi, Kenya (PANA) - Amnesty International has condemned the arrest of Zimbabwean journalist, Kenneth Nyangani, for reporting that the First Lady Grace Mugabe donated used clothes to party supporters in Mutare.

The human rights organization said the journalist, working for the Newsday publiction, had reported that among the garments the First Lady and ruling party ZANU-PF officials were night dresses and underwears.

Cousin Zilala Executive Director of Amnesty International Zimbabwe said Nyangani did nothing wrong because he was only doing his work.

“The arrest of Kenneth Nyangani is a deliberate tactic to harass and intimidate him and other journalists in order to deter them from doing their work. The intention is to send a chilling message to journalists and media workers that they must self-censor rather than expose truths.

“Zimbabwean journalists should not be criminalized simply for doing their work. Kenneth Nyangani must be released immediately and unconditionally and all charges against him dropped,” said the official.
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03 october 2017 15:40:17

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