Kenya: Peace conference raise the red flag on global refugee crisis

Nairobi, Kenya (PANA) - Global refugee crisis is a time bomb that will deal a deadly blow to venerable economies, a global security conference in Munich, Germany, has been told.

The 2015 Munich Security Conference was told that the issues of Ukraine and Syria could no longer be handled casually. Salil Shetty Secretary General, Amnesty International London gave a worrying account of the crisis experienced in different countries.

Shetty cited Syria, South Sudan and Somalia which are experiencing civil war where thousands have been killed or maimed, Kenya's Foreign Ministry press desk said in a news dispatch from Berlin.

He said the burden has fallen on nations offering refuge such as Kenya and Lebanon.

The Conference which brings together world leaders, including foreign and defence chiefs, called on the international community to take stern action to restore the rule of law.

The conference urged for economic cooperation, attitude change and shared burden as  solutions to these crises, asking Europe to take the lead.

They said the issue of Refugees is a catastrophe with a security dimension which has led to increase in insecurity as a result of poverty and unemployment threatening national security and peace against the nationals.

It was also noted that 80 per cent of refugees are in developing countries not in Europe or developed world, yet financial allocations are not given therefore burdening such countries to the limit.

It emerged that more support and clear strategies, including specifics for all countries, should be put in place. This is as a result of incapacity of major economies to deal with crisis.

The leaders included Tammam Salam Prime Minister, Lebanese Republic, Beirut Paolo Gentiloni Minister of Foreign Affairs and Economic Cooperation, Republic of Italy, António Guterres High Commissioner for Refugees, United Nations, Geneva.

Others are  Dr. Gerd Müller, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development in Federal Republic of Germany.

The meeting was moderated by Jean-Marie Guéhenno, President and Chief Executive Officer, International Crisis Group; former Under Secretary General for UN Peacekeeping Operations, New York.
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