Kenya: Kenyan military hails capture of key Al Shabaab stronghold in Somalia

Nairobi, Kenya (PANA) -The Kenyan military celebrated the capture of a key military stronghold of the Al Shabaab in Dinsoor town,Somalia, shortly after the militants fled another stronghold of Bardhere, near the Kenyan border, a military spokesperson said Friday.

“The town is now under the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and the Somali Army control after the Al Shabaab fled with little resistance under heavy fire,” Col David Obonyo, the Kenyan Defence Forces (KDF) spokesperson said.

Al Shabaab has controlled the towns of Bardhere and Dinsoor for the last seven years, using them as the launch pads for their terrorist attacks on Kenya.

“The capture of Bardhere and Dinsoor towns is a significant achievement in the fight against the militants and is a major step towards the achievement of the AMISOM mandate to restore security and stability to Somalia,” Obonyo explained.

At least seven militants were killed during the battle to control the strategic town of Bardhere, the garrison used by Al Shabaab to defend most of its strongholds.

“Both Bardhere and Dinsoor have been major planning, operational and logistics bases for the militants and the loss will seriously affect and weaken them further,” Obonyo said.

According to the Kenyan military, Al Shabaab have used the town of Bardhere to mount a series of attacks on northern Kenya.

“We will maintain the pressure on the militants in the ongoing operation Jubba Corridor to ensure that AMISOM mandate is achieved but also to secure the country from the terrorists,” Obonyo added.

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