Kenya: Kenyan daily blames internal procedure for erroneous advert on corruption

Nairobi, Kenya (PANA) - Kenya's leading national newspaper, Daily Nation, has apologised to readers for running an advertisement seeking to recruit members of a corruption cartel to join government in order to continue benefiting from tenders after public fury over the announcement.

"Join corruption cartels and win government supply tenders without sweat," read the advert appearing on the newspaper's classified page.

Publishers of Nation Media Group apologised for "erroneously" publishing the advertisement on 25 November.

"We highly regret and sincerely apologise for this error," the publishers said in a statement. "Nation Media Group does not support or condone such advertisement which clearly goes against our mission to positively impact society's values and our editorial policy."

According to the statement, action has been taken to blacklist the agent and review internal procedures to ensure that such errors never recur.

Rampant corruption in the public sector in Kenya have been mostly blamed on the existence of well-connected corruption cartels with influence within the state.

The advertisement, however, appeared to embolden the widely held perception that corruption was a result of cartels with control over key portfolios in government.

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