Kenya: Kenya to build 700-km barrier along Somali border

Nairobi, Kenya (PANA) - To enhance security and keep away cross-border terrorists, Kenya is to build a 700-km wire fence, tagged the Great Wall, along its common border with Somalia, the home of Al Shabaab terrorists who have been wreaking havoc in Kenya, PANA reported from here Friday.

Ahead of the construction of the wire fence, Kenyan officials are carrying out aerial and ground surveys along the border.

Interior Ministry officials, led by Salim Mahmoud, said the survey was meant to demarcate the border and allow for the start of the construction of the barrier from Lamu to Wajir.

The construction work is scheduled to begin in July, the first month of the 2015/16 financial year.

The barrier will have specific border crossing points, as well as equipped with closed-circuit cameras, listening posts and other surveillance equipment.

“It will not be a brick and mortar business,” said Mwenda Njoka, the Interior Ministry Spokesperson. “The wall would be made up of barbed wire and an electric fence.”  

The plan to build the fence was fast-tracked after the killing of 11 Al Shabaab operatives in Baure, Lamu on Sunday. The militants are believed to have crossed into Kenya from Somalia on foot.
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19 june 2015 10:29:07

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