Kenya: Closure of Dadaab refugees' camp final, Kenyan DP says

Nairobi, Kenya (PANA) - Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto said the
government's decision to shut down the Dadaab refugee camp is final,
stressing the need for the international community to support the action.

Addressing the  World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, Turkey, Ruto
also appealed to the international community to channel funds, in order
to resettle the refugees in Somalia.

He said: "Kenya has been faithful to her international obligations of
humanitarian assistance, but no country can shoulder humanitarian
responsibilities at the expense of the security of its people and the
refugees themselves."

He noted that Kenya had shouldered heavy burden in caring for
more than 6,000 refugees amid threats of terrorism that had turned
into a serious security concern for the country.

"Among the key reason Kenya decided to close the camp, is the
fact that the camp in north eastern Kenya has lost it's humanitarian
character, turning into a radicalization centre where Somalia-based
terror group planned it's activities, and also train radicalized youth
at the camp," Ruto said.

The deputy president added that, the camp is also being used as a
conduit pipe for contraband goods and weapons.

He also noted that the country had made immense contribution to
humanitarian care.

"Kenya has used its own resources for many years to support
refugees and help stabilize Somalia, and we have spent US$100
million annually to support peacekeeping mission in Somali," Ruto

"The closure of the camp was being carried out for the best interest
of refugees within the framework of the Tripartite Agreement between
the Government of Kenya, Federal Government of Somalia and UN
refugee agency (UNHCR)," he concluded.

Ruto had conveyed the same message to UN Secretary General Ban
Ki-Moon and Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, when he
held talks with them on the sidelines of the summit.
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