Kagame threatens to withdraw Rwandan troops from Darfur

Kigali- Rwanda (PANA) -- Rwandan President Paul Kagame declared that he did not r ule out the possibility of withdrawing his country's 3,000 men contingent in Dar f ur, western Sudan, if legal proceedings are instituted against Rwandan General E m manuel Karenzi Karake.
"If the international community keeps calling in question some officers and the Rwandan army in general, I see no reason for Rwandan troops to remain in Darfur, " Kagame said.
As a deputy commander of the Joint UN-African Union (AU) Force in Darfur, Karake features among a list of 40 Rwandan military men for whom international arrest w arrants were issued in February 2007 by the Spanish judge Fernando Andreu Merell e s.
It is accused of "responsibility of odious crimes committed against the national and foreign civilian population.
" Speaking in an interview broadcast Monday by a private local radio station, Cont act FM, Kagame said "this accusation against Karenzi was aimed at nothing but ta r nishing the image of the Rwandan army," adding "this attitude of western magistr a tes remained unacceptable.
" Rwanda sent to Darfur, a contingent of 3,000 men, deployed within the framework of a joint UN-AU peacekeeping mission.

02 september 2008 13:53:00

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