Kagame salutes historic meeting between Ethiopian, Eritrean leaders

Kigali, Rwanda (PANA) - Rwandan President and current Chairman of the African Union (AU) Paul Kagame has lauded the meeting between the leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea, who agreed on Sunday to restore diplomatic relations after nearly 20 years and to open the border between their neighbouring Horn of Africa countries.

In a message on Monday in Kigali, the Rwandan leader acknowledged the two leaders' courage and efforts in doing the right thing for their peoples.

"We congratulate you and are with you," he said in a message posted on his Twitter handle.

Reports said that Ethiopia's new reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed arrived in Eritrea's capital, Asmara, on Sunday and was welcomed with hugs and laughter by Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki.

The reports said on the occasion, telephone connections were reestablished between the two countries since war between them began in 1998 and the two countries decided to break all diplomatic ties.
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