Kadhafi urges Obama to end US 'military dictatorship'

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia (PANA) -- The Libyan leader, Moummar Kadhafi, in a press co nference over the weekend in Addis Ababa held in line with the 14th African Unio n summit in Ethiopia, has urged the US President, Barack Obama, to "free the Unit e d States from the label as gendarme of the world".
The Libyan leader, who was lamenting the wars and other conflicts "fuelled" by t he US, expressed the will to back Obama in his "misfortune to rule an America in v olved in serious problems engendered by the former republican administration".
He said that Obama, "despite the progressive projects he proposed and the action taken to free America from the label as guardian and gendarme of the world, has unfortunately inherited battles which were not necessary neither for the interes t of American people nor the world.
" The Libyan leader described those battles as unjust, lost in advance and failure s, citing the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine.
"The war against Iraq and Afghanistan was not profitable for America and as a ma tter of fact, they were lost since they began.
America is today involved in the I raqi quagmire and is also lost in the Afghan mountains and has achieved none of i ts objectives and this represents very complicated situations inherited by Obama , " said the Libyan leader who several times described Obama as "his son" when mak i ng these comments.
Kadhafi said the US war strategy against Iraq and the Middle-East region was to counter Russia by surrounding the country in the South.
"Therefore, that strategy does not differ from Hitler's objectives during World War II during which he had planned his strategy to surround the former Soviet Un i on from the South in parallel to its blockade from the North through progress via Scandinavian countr ies," he added.
The Libyan leader expressed the hope that Obama should implement his plan to wit hdraw the American army from Iraq and Afghanistan.
The Libyan leader criticized what he called "the double standard policy carried out by US on human rights, democracy and liberties".

02 february 2010 09:41:00

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