Kadhafi underscores stakes of AU summit in Accra

Accra- Ghana (PANA) – Libyan leader, Col.
Moammar -Kadhafi declared on Saturday evening at the University of Accra that the question of unity of Africa is decisive as the future of Africans depends on it.
Speaking on the eve of the opening of the 9th ordinary summit of the AU in Accra, Kadhafi called on Africans, particularly young people to decide on their destiny and not to let it with the hands of a group of presidents meeting in the same room.
He noted that Africa wasted four decades following the appeal launched in Accra by African firebrand Kwame Nkrumah for the formation of an African government.
Kadhafi added that some were opposed to Nkrumah's appeal, thus causing stagnation in the development of African societies.
Forty years after this appeal, Kadhafi lamented that Africa is still torn apart, backward and needy despite its huge mineral resources, and African summits have changed nothing for the continent.
Kadhafi noted that Africa is at a historic turning point, adding that African masses are the only ones capable of taking the decision of unity and get the continent out of the situation of division, poverty, disease and backwardness.
He warned that leaving the destiny of the continent in the hands of a group of presidents meeting in closed-door meetings constitutes a danger for the future of the continent.
"The African masses should make their voice heard at the Accra summit," he said.
The Libyan leader recalled the meetings he held with representatives of the African civil society during his West African tour that took him last week to Mali, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Cote d'Ivoire.
He then emphasised the necessity to create the United States of Africa and pleaded for the formation of a continental government, which will be the sole agenda item for the AU summit opening Sunday in Accra, Ghana.
Meanwhile, Kadhafi has expressed surprise that some leaders advocate the splitting of Africa knowing that this situation is untenable.

01 juillet 2007 13:24:00

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