Kadhafi reiterates threat to pull out of Arab League

Tripoli- Libya (PANA) -- Libyan leader Col.
Moammar Kadhafi has reiterated threats to withdraw his country from the Arab League, and has called for a "firm and historic" stance on unity of the Arab world.
He was speaking in Sabba (800 km south of Tripoli) to a mammoth crowd at the weekend to commemorate the demonstration he led in 1961 to protest the severance of ties between Egypt and Syria, soon after both countries had formed the United Arab Republic.
Kadhafi restated his proposal to create an Arab Union comprising structures and institutions to take over from the Arab League, which, he said, was "in a state of agony.
" He described such a Union as "a spare wheel" for all Arabs.
"The Arab world is in jeopardy.
If Arabs fail to unite, they will have neither existence nor future," the Libyan leader affirmed, adding that the Arab people have huge material and human potential to give concrete expression to such union.
Kadhafi took a swipe at Arab nations that did not react to the US-British aggression against his country on 15 April 1986, pointing out that Arabs have 10,000 cannons, 1,500 warplanes and other military hardware.
He indicated that the failure of Arab nations in realising unity was due to the failure of the Arab people in their revolution and accession to power.
He noted that Libya's endeavours to realise Arab Unity has caused it many problems with the West, basically the US, and led to the inclusion of Libya on the "black list" due to its defence of the Arab cause.
Recalling Libyan attempts to unite with Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, Algeria and other countries, Col.
Kadhafi likened the Arab Maghreb Union (UMA), grouping Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia, to a structure in a moribund state.
In a tone of despair, the Libyan leader added that even if Arabs managed to achieve unity, they would not represent a force, as they have already suffered a "historic shame.
" "They will witness a new tragic episode in Iraq and Palestine every day, powerlessly", he claimed, adding that Libya had embarked on the African Union (AU) to draw force from this union.
Concluding, Col.
Kadhafi urged Libyans to consolidate the popular revolution by mobilising women and giving them military training, arguing that the vulnerable of society, such as women and children, have now become targets of the enemies, as was the case in Iraq and Palestine.

07 october 2003 14:15:00

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