Kadhafi receives message from Deby

Tripoli- Libya (PANA) -- The leader of the Libyan Revolution, Col.
Moammar Kadhafi, received Tuesday in Tripoli Chad's Foreign Minister, Mohamed Salah Nadhif, who handed him a message from President Idriss Deby regarding relations between the two countries.
No further details were given in Tripoli about the content of the message.
However, knowledgeable sources said the message might be related to Libya's efforts to mediate between the government in Ndjamena and the Movement for Democracy and Justice in Chad (MDJT), an armed rebellion led by former Defence Minister Youssouf Togoïmi.
Kadhafi in the past has twice managed to bring to the table Deby and Togoïmi in Sirte (450 km east of Tripoli).
Last September former Chadian leader Goukouni Weddeye attended the second meeting.
But both sides are reportedly sticking to their previous positions notwithstanding Tripoli's efforts to help find a common ground.
Since 1998 the MDJT has been fighting the Chadian army in the almost barren massif of Tibesti in the far north of the country.
The MDJT is demanding that Deby and his government should step down from power.
Member countries of the Community of Sahel and Sahara States (SIN-SAD) pledged at their second conference in February 2000 in Ndjamena to refrain from providing any support, logistics or political, to an armed group challenging the central power of a member state.
Apart from Libya and Chad, other SIN-SAD member countries are Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Gambia, Mali, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Somalia, Sudan, Central African Republic and Tunisia.

12 june 2001 23:15:00

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