Kadhafi proposes four official languages for Africa

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- Libyan leader Colonel Moammar Kadhafi Friday proposed the adoption of four official languages for use in Africa, as intellectuals from Africa and the Diaspora brainstorm on ways to foster integration on the continent.
Addressing the intellectuals via videoconference, Kadhafi recommended Swahili, Arabic, Haoussa and Amarique, and suggested that they be taught in all African schools.
Colonel Kadhafi said Africa must review the functioning of its languages based on the fact that "culture is the driving force for progress and prosperity".
The Libyan revolutionary leader noted that of the hundreds of dialects in Africa, only the official languages were in script, while the local ones were not, adding: "It is a major problem we have to solve".
He indicated that adopted alphabets had distorted some written African languages, while Arabic, Chinese or Japanese, which have their own alphabets, were correctly scripted.
The adoption of the four languages, which would be precisely standardised, will help settle the issue, Colonel Kadhafi opined.
On the question of religion, the Libyan leader said varying religious practices entered Africa with the advent of colonisation, but pointed out that Africa had its own monotheist and unifying religions before the coming of the colonialist.
Kadhafi also commented on the African architecture, noting that the "concrete (structures) should not invade us and wipe out our tradition".
He said Africans needed to preserve their traditional hut, and warned: "If we keep on building costly facilities, we will be ruined".
Colonel Kadhafi also asked the intellectuals to address the issue of an African dress code, and called on Africans to respect their costume and not alter it in favour of European clothes.
He also urged Africans to maintain their eating habits, pointing out that "the Europeans who have been looking for improved food, exotic products, must not change our gastronomy".

08 october 2004 23:34:00

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