Kadhafi pleads for United States of Africa

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- The leader of the Libyan Revolution, Colonel Muammar Kadhafi has reiterated the need to form the United States of Africa in order to give the continent more influence in the world.
Kadhafi, who was addressing a videoconference on Thursday, asked Intellectuals from Africa and the Diaspora meeting in Dakar, to emphasise in their resolutions the creation of the United States of Africa.
"No African country taken individually has enough bargaining power to negotiate on an equal footing with big European or American countries," he observed, adding that there are 18 African countries, which taken together, have the size of a city like New York in the USA.
According to Kadhafi, it is therefore urgent for African countries to unite and establish a strong government.
"We need one trade minister to negotiate for us and one foreign minister," he argues.
This will help unify Customs codes, which is the only way for Africa to have balanced relationships with the rest of the world.
He said Africa also needs to break with consultative assemblies and set up a Pan-African Congress that makes decisions.
He gave the example of the Libyan popular congresses, which are the expression of the people's power.
Furthermore, Kadhafi urged Africans from the Diaspora to defend the interests of the continent where they live.
"We have noticed that whenever an African holds a position of responsibility in an important institution or a big country, he forgets his origins and is sometimes more Catholic than the Pope," the Libyan leader observed.
This is not the case for Jews, who take advantage of their responsibilities in the American or European administrations to defend the interest of Israel, he noted.
"I do not understand why Africans from the Diaspora are so shy and unassuming? Why wouldn't they assert their rights in America and in Europe, where their ancestors had been forcibly taken to work as beasts in farms and factories," Kadhafi queried.
There is another disaster, which he feels that Africans should correct.
"We send our children to America and Europe to study and be trained.
After graduating, they chose to stay and serve those countries instead of returning to Africa, turning deaf ears to the tremendous sacrifice we made for their studies," Kadhafi told intellectuals, urging them to find a solution to that problem.

08 أكتوبر 2004 23:34:00

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