Kadhafi hails efforts to set up United States of Africa

Kampala- Uganda (PANA) -- The Libyan revolutionary leader, Muammar Kadhafi, on Tuesday said the continent was on its way to the definite establishment of the United States of Africa.
He said African countries were getting closer by the day and the continent should unite and integrate because “our destiny as Africans, after all is said and done, is unity and the United States of Africa”.
He was speaking in the Ugandan capital, Kampala, at the closing session of the 15th African Union summit on behalf of thousands African traditional kingdoms, kings and emirs that met on 9 September 2008 to make him their traditional king, Kadhafi said Africa, despite the situation which retarded its progress, would one day be like the United States of America and Europe possessing transcontinental missiles, air plane carriers, fleets and a unique currency following the example of the US dollar or the euro.
He said Africans had expressed the will, generation after generation, to attain the objectives set to make the dreams of populations become reality.
He referred to the Arab-African summit due to be held in October in Libya saying “We expect you in your country, Libya, to meet your Arab brothers during Arab-African summit.
” He said two-thirds of Arabs were Africans, and urged people to work for that remaining one-third of Arabs to join the rest in a bid to set up the Arab-African Union and to profit from Arab capital, oil and gas.
Kadhafi also announced that Africa, represented by AU, will meet the Europe, represented by the European Union (EU), in Libya in November 2010.

27 يوليو 2010 20:49:00

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