Kadhafi continues discussions with Mandela in Tripoli

Tripoli- Libya (PANA) -- The Libyan leader Moammar Kadhafi and former South African president Nelson Mandela on Sunday continued their discussions on the African Union (AU) process, official sources said.
According the Libyan sources, the two statesmen stressed the need to complete the establishment of the organisation's institutions to accelerate the process of forming the United States of Africa for the benefit of the continent's peoples.
Addressing journalists, Mandela, a laureate of the Kadhafi International Human Rights Prize, called for peace to prevail in all regions of the world so that the population could concentrate on development and progress.
"There is nothing more precious than peace because when it is achieved, adequate conditions for development will avail themselves to all societies all over the world, enabling them to send their children to school and concentrate on activities that help to improve their daily lives," he told the news conference.
Kadhafi and Mandela started their discussions on Friday in Tripoli by examining efforts that are required to bring about stability and peace in Africa.

13 november 2005 15:45:00

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