Kadhafi alleges hidden agenda of western countries on Guinea's wealth

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia (PANA) -- Libyan leader Mouammar Kadhafi said here on Sunda y at the 14th African Union summit that western countries make nice speeches on G uinea's stability to better hide their designs on the wealth of the African west country, PANA reported from here.
"The current situation can favour countries willing to take control of the wealt h of the west African ore-rich country split by a political crisis.
"This will facilitate the predation of a number of countries willing to sign jui cy contracts with the country to explore natural wealth, including bauxite, alum i nium, iron, oil and manganese," Kadhafi said at a press conference in the Ethiop i an capital city.
According to him, foreign western powers are engaged in a frantic race to establ ish in Conakry, a "satellite-nation".
"Stability, democracy and peace in Guinea, all these are lies.
The stake for the industrialised countries is to establish a satellite power to land juicy agreeme nts which will not necessarily serve the Guinean people's interest, the Libyan l e ader stressed.
In spite of a high bauxite production, which makes the country Africa's largest producer, close to 52 per cent of Guineans live below the poverty line, fixed at less than a dollar per day by the United Nations.

01 february 2010 18:43:00

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