Kadhafi Calls For Pan African Congress

ALGIERS- Algeria (PANA) -- Libyan leader Col.
Moammar Kadhafi has suggested the creation of a Pan African Congress and an Integration Bank.
Addressing the 35th OAU summit, he said the proposed congress would boost the continent's drive towards unity, while the bank would push forward the process for the implementation of the treaty on the Economic Community of Africa.
A source at the closed-door session of African leaders told PANA that Kadhafi's speech lasted for more than one hour.
The Libyan leader also renewed his invitation to all his colleagues to attend an extraordinary OAU summit from 7-9 September in Libya, devoted to the revision of the OAU Charter to accommodate a proposed Union of Africa .
Kadhafi, who has not attended an OAU summit for 10 years, deeply regretted foreign attempt to divide Africa.
He traced the origin of the OAU, with the setting up of the so-called Monrovia and Casablanca groups, to show that demons have always been, and still are, a permanent threat to a greater African family.
According to him, the continent's best protection would be to set up the congress which would, among other aims, contribute towards the rationalisation of borders, promote the free movement and settlement of people and goods, so that every African feels at home anywhere.
Kadhafi, who on arrival in Algiers Saturday chose to pitch Bedouin tents in the premises of the ultra-modern Sheraton Hotel, is one of the main centres of attractions at the well-attended summit graced by 40 leaders.

13 july 1999 09:29:00

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