Kadhafi: Theme of the African Union summit "inadequate"

Tripoli- Libya (PANA) – The Libyan leader said in -Tripoli on Tuesday that the theme for the African Union (AU) summit which opens in Addis Ababa on Thursday - "The Industrial Development of Africa" - was "inadequate" in the absence of a federal government to achieve it.
"We have taken so many decisions such as to lift barriers, open borders, the necessity of free movement of people and goods, the unification of this and that, but, without establishing executive instruments for their daily application," Muammar Khadafi told the international press in Tripoli.
According to the Libyan leader, Africa was at a stage of construction of its unity and the creation of instruments to carry out agriculture, industry, roads and basic infrastructure, defence and security projects.
"We need to have financial instruments before discussing financial issues; create defence ministry before talking about defence measures; create a ministry of industry before talking about industrial development, which is very important for Africa," said Khadafi.
"The industrial development (of Africa) presupposes the existence of a federal ministry for its implementation," he said.

30 january 2008 21:02:00

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