Kabila reiterates call for foreign troops to quit Congo

Kinshasa- DR Congo (PANA) -- President Joseph Kabila at the weekend reiterated his call for a complete withdrawal of foreign troops from DR Congo as a precondition for lasting peace in the country.
In a message broadcast last Sunday on radio and television prior to the Inter-Congolese dialogue now underway in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, he said peace would only come to DR Congo when Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi withdraw their troops from the country.
"What can we expect from a dialogue on the future of our country without any prospects for the withdrawal of Rwandan, Ugandan and Burundian troops from our national territory?" Kabila queried, adding: "How do we implement resolutions of the Congolese dialogue in a context of occupation?" He called on the UN Security Council and the international community to ensure that all parties implement the various resolutions adopted on the conflict.
He said the Council needs to decide at its next meeting to quickly set up a peacekeeping force under Phase 3 of the deployment of the UN Observer Mission in Congo (MONUC).
Kabila called for the demilitarisation of the city of Kisangani, and enjoined participants at the Congolese dialogue to agree on all major issues regarding the life of a State and the management of a nation.
He also suggested the setting up of a mechanism to enable the organisation of elections by an independent commission with the help of the international community.
"It is after such free, democratic and fair elections that the Congolese people, having chosen their leaders, would put an end to the war of legitimacy," he explained.
To be an effective framework for national reconciliation, the dialogue should be all-inclusive, Kabila said, and urged all Congolese political and social stakeholders to get involved.

16 october 2001 19:13:00

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