Jewish Board commends Mbeki for stance on terrorism

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- The South African Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD) has expressed its appreciation with President Thabo Mbeki's stand against terrorism made at the current UN General Assembly.
Mbeki told the 56th annual session of the UN General Assembly that only when the peoples of the world integrated their respective sovereignties within a global human sovereignty, defined and governed by all, would the world succeed in fighting the common threat of terrorism.
The SAJBD said it fully endorses Mbeki's view that terrorism, defined by him as "the wilful killing of civilians", can never be justified.
Russell Gaddin, National Chairman of the SAJBD, said that a just and peaceful settlement to the Israel-Palestine conflict could not be reached in an environment in which indiscriminate acts of violence, by either side, were continually being committed.
"The use of violence, particularly violence against civilians, as a negotiating tactic, is counter-productive," Gaddin said.
"We encourage the international community to insist that firm and decisive steps be taken to curb the activities of extremist elements aimed at derailing the negotiating process in the Middle East and are encouraged that the South African Government is taking this view".

13 november 2001 16:08:00

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