Jesse Jackson stresses need to remedy Darfur crisis

Accra- Ghana (PANA) -- American civil and human rights campaigner, Rev.
Jesse Jackson, in Accra as an observer at the 9th AU Summit, has called on the international to show more interest in finding remedy to the crisis in Darfur than seeking to apportion blame for it.
However, Jackson told journalists in Accra Saturday after watching a teleconference press encounter with Sudanese President Oman Hassan Al-Bashir, who would be absent at the summit, his absence rather prolongs the crisis.
Jackson called for respect for the peace agreement on Darfur, advocating for transparency and more resources to be allocated towards reconstructing the war-ravaged region.
He lamented the massive loss of human lives in Darfur, stressing that there must be distinction between rebels and civilians.
He urged the UN as a credible organisation to give constant support to the peace process.
Jackson said the world is watching the troubled areas of Zimbabwe, Darfur and South Africa, and expressed full support for a combined UN/AU peace force in Darfur.
As the Union discussed the grand debate of a united government for Africa, Jackson said the unification was long overdue, stating that the process started with the struggle for independence for African countries, followed through pan Africanism, and moving ultimately to the United States of Africa.
Residues of colonial tremors, he observed, had however undermined these, because 'the roots of the slave trade run deep.
" Jackson called for commitment to reconstruct the continent, and emphasised the need to address the debt burden, mass illiteracy and HIV/AIDS.

01 Julho 2007 09:49:00

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