Japan grants 4.8 million dollars for immunization programme

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia (PANA) -- Japan and UNICEF signed Friday an agreement under which a grant of 4.
48 million dollars will be provided for Ethiopia's children immunization campaign set for November and December 2001.
Japan's Ambassador to Ethiopia, Takehisa Nogami, and UNICEF's officer-in-charge, Abdulmajid Tibouti, signed the agreement.
Nogami commended Ethiopia's success in polio and measles immunization campaign.
"Through the national immunization days programme and improved health care, infant and child mortality in Ethiopia has shown a marked decrease," he said.
Japan's contribution will cover the measles vaccination campaign and 40 percent of the costs of polio immunization, the ambassador explained.
Tibouti said Ethiopia was firmly committed to polio eradication, setting aside approximately 8 million dollars annually for the national immunization programme.
Ethiopia is among 10 priority countries earmarked worldwide for polio eradication but still with a reservoir of wild polio virus.

01 june 2001 16:48:00

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