Jack Lang to publish Mandela biography

Paris- France (PANA) -- Former French culture minister Jack Lang will soon publish a biography of Nelson Mandela, reliable sources have said here.
Entitled "Nelson Mandela - The Nobility of Politics," the 200-page book was slated for release on 7 October but publication was postponed to early 2005 due to Lang's tight schedule.
"I met Mandela ten years ago after contributing to the boycott on the then apartheid South Africa and campaigned for his release.
The man was a warrior, a sage as well as a man of theatrical culture," Lang praised.
The author described Mandela both as a rebel who has fought the injustice of the Afrikaners through legal and non-violent means, then illegally and a captive "without hatred, who discovered theatre in jail, turned into a statesman ready to devote his energy, once freed, to an impossible negotiation.
"Finally, he is the one who waived revenge to embody a rainbow nation through his openness, tolerance and democracy which barred a bloodbath.
I intended to be the conveyor of this destiny to today's readers," he said.
Lang, a former socialist minister of culture under late French President François Mitterrand, is now a member of Parliament for the Straits of Dover.
One of the juggernauts of the French Socialist Party, he is considered as a possible candidate for the 2007 presidential election.
An associate professor of public law, Lang, 65, held the positions of Culture and Education minister for over 10 years under various Socialist governments in France.

20 october 2004 17:02:00

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