Human Rights lawyer slams Gambia's president for being "sluggish"

Banjul, Gambia (PANA) - Gambian human right lawyer, Assan Martin, has said the coalition government of President Adama Barrow has been sluggish in delivering democratic dividends to Gambians, one year after assuming power.

In an exclusive interview with PANA on Tuesday, Mr Martin said the situation was still torpid in terms of real development.

The lawyer said: “The coalition government is a transition [government] and Gambians entrusted them to run our affairs and to embark on reforms like economic reform, judicial reform and constitutional reform. But after one year, most Gambians are looking at this administration as one that is at a standstill. Their [performance] is below expectation.”

Mr Martin added: “I think they [current government] lost focus of what they were supposed to do in terms of governance. The business of jostling for power and partisan politics have already dumped the government.

“[This] should have been a government of people of expertise who can run, restructure and reform institutions so that the institutions can have a proper foundation but for now partisan politics and political leaders who are around the executive have caused a delay...”

According to Mr Martin, the priority should be to get the right and competent people in government “who can run the institutions to make sure the reforms are implemented.”

“What many people are observing is that the wrong people are dealing with issues at hand. This is where the President should have an open mind and think of how best he can identify good and competent people to run our institutions,” he said.
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