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High level delegation in Darfur to help put down the unrest there

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA)  -   A High level delegation from the central government arrived in Genaina, near the borders with Chad, Wednesday to help restore stability and get firsthand information on the community violence that left at least eight people dead, an official source said.

The political, executive and security delegation was led by the first vice-president of the sovereign council, Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo.

Other members of the delegation included sovereign  council member Prof. Hassan Sheikh Idris, Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, minister of Justice, Dr. Nasr-Eddin Abdul-Bari, and the attorney general, Tajal-Sir Al-Hibir.

The others were the chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Mohamed Osman Al-Hussein, the general director of the police forces, Lt. Gen. Adel Bashir, and the general director of the general intelligence service, Lt. Gen. Babiker Dambalab.

The delegation held emergency meetings with senior officials in West Darfur and other towns in the region and issued a number of quick instructions that helped stop the deterioration of the situation in an otherwise fragile region.

According to the official media, a probe committee started investigations and a heavy security was deployed in the town and adjacent camps for internally displaced persons.

“It is just unfortunate that internally displaced persons shall lose their homes during the last couple of days as a result of the clashes there in a very tragic humanitarian situation. There is need for Sudanese and international assistance,”  Mini Arko Minawi, leader of the Sudan Liberation Army- Movement, SLA, tweeted.

Television and social media footages showed hundreds of civilians either leaving the town of Genaina in a hurry carrying bundles of clothes and other belonging, telling a cameraman that dozens of people were killed.

There is no official figure as to how many were killed or injured and the real cause that spurred the clash at a time delegations from the region and Khartoum were holding intensive talks to reach peace for the restive region.

The unrest in Darfur started in 2003, two years before the south seceded, but the situation reached a lull almost two years before a popular uprising ended the rule of President Bashir,2019, who was accused of being behind the heavy toll of losses and displacement of millions in the region.


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