High Commission Denies Pakistanis Arrested In Nigeria

Lagos- Nigeria (PANA) -- Pakistani High Commission in Nigeria Tuesday denied claims that five of the Asian country's citizens, suspected to be terrorists, were arrested in Nigeria, even as the police authorities re-confirmed the report.
"We don't have any information on that, this is a fallacious report," a spokesman of the high commission told PANA on phone from Abuja.
"It is a wrong report," said the official, who would not identify himself.
The local media reported Monday that Lagos state police command arrested the Pakistanis at Ketu, a suburb of Lagos, following a tip off.
Confronted with the high commission's denial Tuesday, Lagos Police Commissioner Mike Okiro told PANA his men arrested the Pakistanis.
"I have handed them over to the SSS (State Security Service)," Okiro said.
Local newspapers reported Tuesday another group of seven Pakistanis has been placed under police surveillance in Ifo, near the southwestern city of Abeokuta.
Nigeria has beefed up security across the country in the aftermath of the 11 September terrorist attacks on the US, and the American-led reprisal military strikes against Afghanistan, which is harbouring the main suspect in US attacks, Saudi dissident Osama bin Laden.
Some fundamentalist Moslem groups in Nigeria have demonstrated publicly in support of bin Laden.

16 october 2001 17:28:00

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