High AIDS prevalence rate reported in Guinean mining sites

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- Mining development sites in Guinea have recorded a 5% HIV prevalence rate, four times higher than the national rate which is estimated at 1.
3%, the head of the International Association Partners a gainst AIDS (PCS), Laurent Aventin, said as an international conference on AIDS a nd sexually-transmitted infections in Africa (ICASA) begins here.
According to Aventin, this alarming situation in the mining sector should be bla med on the difficulty of the trade, prostitution, the influx of foreign workers w ho often come without their families as well as the fact that most of these busi n esses are in rural areas.
However, he said, the Guinean private sector which is represented in all the fiv e provinces across the country, is among the first to engage in the AIDS control with the establishment of a Committee to fight the pandemic for the mining industry.
Besides, plans are underway to set up a coalition between the Chamber of Commerc e, the mining sector, the National AIDS Control Council and the National Council of employers' organisations.
For its part, the NGO Partners against AIDS has agreed to train the medical pers onnel in all mining sites and since last October has taken steps with the Global AIDS Fund to enable the Guinean private sector increase its capacity to take car e of workers on antiretrovirals (ARV), Aventin said.

05 december 2008 09:11:00

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