HIV/AIDS telethon raises 191.4 million CFA F in Mali

Bamako- Mali (PANA) -- About 191.
4 million CFA F was raised for the care of 475 y oung AIDS orphans at the telethon organised in December 2007 in Mali by the Asso c iation for Research, Communications, and Household Support to HIV/AIDS-positive p eople (ARCAD-Sida Mali).
ARCAD-Sida Director Mrs.
Dembélé Bintou Keïta, declared that during the televise d session, donations and pledges worth 104.
3 million CFAF were made to the organ i sation, including the 87.
1 million CFAF that it already received.
Keïta noted that the organising committee of the programme had selected 414 chil dren for sponsorship and 60 others for professional sponsorship in Bamako and Se g ou.

30 december 2008 16:48:00

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