HIV/AIDS prevalence rate drops in Congo

Brazzaville- Congo (PANA) -- The HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in Congo is now 3.
1 per cent, against 4.
2 per cent in previous year, a source close to the National HIV/AIDS Control Council (CNLS) told PANA in Braz zaville Tuesday.
''The seroprevalence rate in Congo is 3.
1 per cent, against 4.
2 per cent in prev ious year, which means that 96 per cent of Congolese are seronegative and in need of information to avoid being infected,'' said the Exec utive Secretary of the CNLS, Marie Francke Puruenhce.
Puruenhce urged the Congolese people to make testing a priority, arguing: "We mu st not at all content ourselves with such good news, but we should maintain the pressure, struggle and permanently look for ways and mean s to reduce the infection rate between people.
"Those who tested HIV positive do not have to worry; In Congo, we have access to medicines, thanks to several programmes in place, the free testing and treatment of HIV/AIDS was decreed in 2007 by the government," s he stressed.

07 september 2010 17:40:00

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