Herbalists urge cooperation between modern, traditional medicines

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- Angered by their exclusion from the health sectors in mo st countries of the world, traditional medical practitioners Friday protested th e ir lot in Dakar, Senegal, saying there was the need for modern and traditional m e dicines to cooperate and collaborate.
The protesters, who had come from South Africa, Guinea Bissau, Zimbabwe, Gambia, the DR Congo, Nigeria, Uganda, Togo, Kenya, Mali, Indonesia, France, the US, Ca m eroon and Senegal, called for the involvement of recognized traditional healers in the res earch for drugs for the prevention of HIV/AIDS.
They called for the legalization of traditional medicine the world over and the recognition that treatment and care for the HIV positive people should include t r aditional therapies which could guarantee effective healing.
Speaking after the protest, the Director of the International Association for th e Promotion of Traditional Medicine (PROMETRA), Dr.
Eric Bodossou, said the Afri c an solution to the HIV/AIDS pandemic was in the hands of traditional healers bec a use they were more accessible in the provision of health care.
He suggested that 85% of the sub-Saharan African population should go to traditi onal healers for their health problems.

05 december 2008 18:46:00

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