Head of ECOWAS election observers tasks Malians on political transition

Bamako, Mali (PANA) - Head of the ECOWAS Observer Mission to Sunday's parliamentary runoff in Mali Amos Sawyer has called on Mali's political stakeholders, including the electorate, political parties, the government and civil society, to seize the momentum of international goodwill and solidarity to ensure the success of the ECOWAS-facilitated political transition in their country.

Prof. Sawyer made the call Sunday after observing the runoff, to elect members of Mali's National Assembly following an inconclusive first round balloting 24 Nov. that produced only 20 out of the 147 members in the parliament.

It was the second time in three weeks that Malians had gone to the polls.

The head of the Election Observers explained that as in most developing countries, democratic process “is still work in progress” in Mali, adding that voter education needed to be stepped up and should be accompanied by critical reforms to help deepen democracy and good governance in the country.

According to the ECOWAS Commission, Prof. Sawyer and his delegation, part of the 50-strong ECOWAS Election Observation Mission (EOM), visited among others, Polling Centres at Hamadallaye in Commune IV, Mairie Central in Commune II and Banankabougou in Commune VI.

Unlike the first round balloting that involved 6.5 million registered voters in 55 Constituencies and more than 12,000 polling centres in the country of 16.9 million people, an estimated 5.9 million voters were expected to cast their ballots in about 10,000 polling centes and 45,000 constituencies nationwide Sunday.

The ECOWAS Observer Mission, whose members were deployed across various Malian regions and the capital Bamako, is expected to issue its Preliminary Declaration on the Sunday election on Monday.

Prof. Sawyer also led the 100-strong ECOWAS observers to the first round Parliamentary voting 24 Nov. 2013, which saw a voter turnout of 38.4%.

The legislative polls followed successful presidential elections last July/August in Mali.
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